SSIS - How to Set Output column width to varchar(max)

  • isuckatsql


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    I have an SSIS project that works fine on files smaller than 8k.

    When i use a file larger than 8k, it fails due to a truncation error.

    I have tracked the issue to the 'set column width' which is limited to 8000.

    How do i change the 'set column width' field to varchar(max) and get around my issue ?

    BTW some of my input files are 35k.


  • isuckatsql


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    I have searched the internet for a solution, but no luck.

    This seems very easy, but for some reason poorly documented.

    Has anyone else experienced this ? What is a workaround solution ?


  • JamieX

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    Since varchar(max) replaces text data type, does changing the input column type to text work?

  • Lowell

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    behind the scenes, the length is set to -1 for the column in syscolumns. can you set the width to -1 instead of 8000?


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  • isuckatsql


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    Changing to -1 did not work, but changing to text format worked!

    Many thanks for your assistance 😀

  • theobellash


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    You can put 8000 since it is the value that cannot be reached by VARCHAR(MAX)

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