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    I am working on an SSIS package as to which I would like to create an Excel file with a timestamp with last weeks date number.  The following works:

    "Filename_" + RIGHT((DT_STR,4,1252)DATEPART("ww" ,GETDATE()), 4)  + ".xls"

    Which produces:  Filename_2019_25.xls

    However, we need to make this so that we are able to get Last Weeks' Week Number (instead of this week).

    Desired file name:  Filename_2019_24.xls

    My initial thought was to do getdate()-7, but this does not work.  Does anyone know if/how this might be possible?

    Many Thanks in advance!




  • Phil Parkin

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    DATEPART( "ww", dateadd("d",-7,getdate() ))

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