SSIS CopyObjectLevelPermissions broken?

  • I have scoured the internet but cannot find a definitive answer. I need to copy the users/roles and object level permissions from database A to database B. Both databases are on the same SQL Server 2014 instance.
    I am using SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2013. I dropped the "Transfer SQL Server Objects Task" component on to the Control Flow and changed the properties under Security for CopyDatabaseUsers, CopyDatabaseRoles and CopyObjectLevelPermissions to True.

    After executing the task, the users and roles are copied as expected however none of the object level permissions were copied.

    I found a link to this connect item from 2011:

    This issue was reported and Microsoft acknowledged the issue and stated it would not be fixed in that version. Since several SQL versions have been released since 2011 I'd like to know if this feature is still officially broken.
    Does anyone know of a current status from Microsoft? If this is still a bug, is there an open connect item or should I create a new one?

    I appreciate any new information you may have.

  • things like logins and user permissions i kind of prefer to do via TSQL instead of a black box tool that is scripting via SMO.

    I like Perry Whittle's script found @, i've grabbed it and modified a version for my own tastes in scripts, but it is really comprehensive.


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  • Thanks Lowell. I've been experimenting with some scripts. I'll check that one out as well. My challenge is to automate moving permissions from database A to database B. A simple black box is acceptable in this case but I can make a slightly more complicated scripting process work too. Thanks for the quick response.

  • I believe it does work but only for the objects you have chosen to script, which is a shame as it would be really useful to have the permissions without having to script the objects as well.

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