ssis catalog not showing all executions

  • Hi we just migrated to 2019.  Unlike our previous server on which every ssis execution was shown in the catalog's dashboard,  we see some steps logging there and some steps not on our new server.  I tried sorting what the dashboard shows and looking at configs for something useful but am coming up empty.

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Are you sure those 'steps' are running?  If they are running through an agent job - verify the agent job is not configured to look for the SSIS package on the old system.

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  • thx Jeffrey, i thought it was going to be something more sinister.  You hit it on the head.  Funny thing is because of configs each of the 3 pkgs that were left running on the old server were doing what we needed anyway.  Scary!

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