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  • Kurt Marr

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    I am trying to prove is whether an integration service package can be executed against a SQL Express 2005 database.


    We have 80 clients that we are planning to roll out SQL Express to as the db and I would like to know if I develop the SSIS package using my local full blown version of SQL Server 2005 can I then package it up and send it out along with the application (C# Winforms, clickOnce deployment)  and the package be executed on the client machine that will only have SQL Express installed?


    I can't tell if the documentation refers to the ability to create SSIS packages is not in SQL Express Management Studio or whether it can not be run against it?




  • Rick Heiges

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    SSIS is not part of SQL Server Express.  There is no "run time" version of SSIS like there was for DTS.  If I remember correctly from a white paper on the MSFT site concerning upgrading from MSDE to Express, you can still download/run the DTS run-time environment against an Express DB. 

    Hope this helps!

  • Kurt Marr

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    thanks Rick...

    that is a shame...there is no way that our clients (universities, colleges, etc) are going to buy another version simply to allow us to develop a solution for them.



  • Gift Peddie

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    I have good news if you download the Adanced you will get Management Studio and service pack one comes with DTS it is not integrated services but it can help you move you databases.   And you need to over ride the default in the service pack.  If ou don't see it in SQL Server folder after applying the service pack run it again.  Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Gift Peddie

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