SSIS adding new columns to existing table

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    Hello All,

    I am working in SSIS (Sql server version 2012) , I have a requirement to add two new columns to a destination table which already has five years of data. How can i add these two new columns and bring data to the destination table which already has 5 years of data.


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    Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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    qadding the columns them selves is just a DDL operation. you would not need to do that inside SSIS.

    ALTER TABLE ADD Column1 varchar(etc...

    i suspect you mean what about the data that is going to go INTO the new columns.

    That's where you need to explain quite a bit more.

    you didn't say what the new column values would contain. can they be calculated form existing data? are they just a calculation?

    can the data be re-imported with the new columns*(ie they were ignored before?)

    I am just guessing here, but can you import old data to a staging table, and update the exiting data so the new columns are populated??


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