SSC Fantasy Football 2022

  • I'm back in the championship game! It's been tough, but I believe in my team.

    Luis C.
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  • Well, a good matchup. I had my best team out there, but it wasn't enough. Congrats to Luis on making the championship.

    Now, a 3rd place chance.

  • Congrats to the British Bulldogs for winning the SSCFL, beating down the SSC Ravens in a low scoring match that was uncharacteristic of each team.

    Jimbabwe Seahawks dominated the Way0utWest Cowboys for third place.

    Thanks to all for competing, see you next year.

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  • Think the low scoring final was down to the cancelled Bills v Bengals game. At the time there were more important things to think about.

  • Added a placeholder for 2023. Reply there if you want to play again.

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