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    Luis Cazares wrote:

    SQLDCH wrote:

    Ray K wrote:

    Lynn Pettis wrote:

    Ray K wrote:

    No mention of the Bulk Logged Division and the division-leading (and playoff-bound) Orange Engineers? 😀

    You do know you have to toot your own horn, right?

    Let us see if you can when your third (it is third, right?) championship this year.  Good luck, and remember: Any given Sunday!

    So, since 2015, the SSCFFL championship has been won by either myself or Lynn.

    And since Lynn appears to be eliminated from the playoffs for this year, well...




    Me thinks some are jealous of our success.


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    Doh, playoffs started last night, hope you didn't forget any "must start" players in Chicago or Dallas.

    Green Machine is lamenting the fact that EZ got all the TD love, could cost him the win.

    Mexicanos got minimal contribution from old man Witten, lowered his projected score but a little.

    Make sure the rest of your lineups are set, Ditka and Way0utWest are hungry for fresh meat.

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    Yeah, well...The Dude abides.
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    I had a terrible game, but I'm still in the top 4! I'll take the win anytime, no matter how ugly it was or that I left almost 40 points in the bench.

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  • Ray K


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    El Jerry had me worried yesterday!  But barring a big day by the Eagles defense tonight (possible, but not likely), I might just have this one!

    Go Big Blue!

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