SSAS Tabular Model Row Level Security with Excel, PowerBI and SSRS

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    I am working on a solution where the data is coming from a SSAS tabular model and I am looking to implement dynamic row level security.

    I have got this working by filtering the security role within the model for both the sales person and then the sales manager. When I test this through SSDT into Excel the dynamic security works perfectly. I use the DAX filter against the USERNAME(). However when I try and use this in Power BI and then SSRS it doesn't work. Your video illustrated how to create your own User Short Name as a measure within Power BI and this could then be used in the lookup for the DAX.

    My question is would there be a way using the SSAS tabular model as my source for all three Excel, Power BI and SSRS to then implement dynamic row level security.

    I can each this individually but not in one solution.

    Any feedback on this would be great.

    Many thanks


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