SSAS processing Cubes using DTExec vs. SSDT 2017 tools?

  • Hello

    We have Analysis Server cubes on SQL 2016/Windows 2019 environment.

    Using dtexec to process the weekly cubes often fails or if it succeeds then Last Update date is not stamped (Only Last processed date is refreshed)

    The Error from dtexec is:

    Description: Server: The current operation was cancelled because another operation in the transaction failed.

    Source: CubesRefresh

    Description: SSIS Warning Code DTS_W_MAXIMUMERRORCOUNTREACHED. The Execution method succeeded, but the number of errors raised (4) reached the maximum allowed (1); resulting in failure. This occurs when the number of errors reaches the number specified in MaximumErrorCount. Change the MaximumErrorCount or fix the errors.

    However, the same cubes when processed from SSDT 2017 Visual studio Full Processing is always successful and both dates are stamped correctly - Last Updated and Last processed.

    Why is there a difference in both?

    I need to schedule this weekly once, hence am using Dtexec via a batch file.

    Many thanks in advance



  • For scheduled processing of cubes, you might find it simpler to write XMLA scripts & then simply call them from SQL Agent job steps (link).

    If the answer to your question can be found with a brief Google search, please perform the search yourself, rather than expecting one of the SSC members to do it for you.
    See for details of how to post T-SQL code-related questions.

  • Hi Phil,


    This XMLA script seems to have worked for processing the Cubes. Both Last Updated and Last processed date were changed.

    Although the process completed, the job history shows the number of errors (count).

    How do you collect the errors in cube processing, if I use this method?




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