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    I tried to backup SSAS databases(2008 R2) by using query in SSMS, but it is overwriting previous day backup.How to take backup without overwriting previous day backup. I need to maintain at least 7 days of backup. currently i scheduled job in SQL server agent which overwrites daily backup.



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  • No idea at all how you are doing this. As a guess, If you use an XMLA script, you can make that dynamic and append a date stamp.You can find an example of using dynamic XMLA in this article:

    Dynamic XMLA using T-SQL for SQL Server Analysis Services

    In terms of overwriting, The default for the xmla script would be using <AllowOverwrite>true</AllowOverwrite>. You can change that to false but then you'd get an error if the file already exists, instead of the file being overwritten. I don't think that has anything to do with your issue, it's just an explanation of the overwrite.

    The scripts won't automatically just maintain 7 copies, you'd need to delete the older copies yourself.


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