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  • I'm using SS 2012 on a Win 10 Pro laptop with a second display.  Suddenly when I start Management Studio the login popup opens BEHIND the main Management Studio window, and the main Management Studio window is frozen so I can't move or kill it.  I have use Task Manager to terminate the application.  If I tell Windows to use a single display, everything works OK.   Then if I tell Windows to extend the display, I can move the Management Studio window to the second display and all still works.     This is the ONLY application for which this is a problem.  Any ideas what is wrong?

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  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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  • Which version of SQL Server Management Studio?

  • It was a known problem with multiple displays:

    This link suggests  just hitting escape (or enter) & then moving SSMS around allows you to get dialog in a useable position

  • Thanks.  I think I got a workaround by removing the second monitor in Win, forcing Ssms to open on the one, than re-registering the second monitor.  Had another app doing the same, and it works for now too.  Maybe has something to do with the last position of the Ssms window before it's closed, the last position of the login popup, and which screen is 1and 2.  Really a nuisance.  It happens sometimes even if the second monitor is off.

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