SQLXMLBulkLoad Error

  • sariel.wong

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    Dear All,

    I am new on using SQLXML Bulk Load object to import XML to SQL server for further checking, for the test i would like to current several tables from XML

    • ListRecords - The list of people
    • ListRecordsDate - Date information for people in listRecords, which i would like to store both DateType and Date Information into this table

    Currently I have XSD definition and XML attached. However the following error when i execute the VBS

    As the XML file is provided by another party and we cannot modify anything from it. Appreciated if anyone can advise

    In addition, there is a new requirement to include Information to SQL tables, e.g.

        <Address>1 ABC Building</Address>
        <Address>DEF Street</Address>

    It would be appreciated if anyone can guide me to achieve the goal

  • Eirikur Eiriksson

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    Have you validated the XML against the XSD?

  • sariel.wong

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    of course, no error.

    Appreciated if you can advise how i can modify the XSD for SQLXMLBULK LOAD

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