SQLXMLBulkLoad C# Issue on Insert :: URGENT HELP!

  • I have a large dataset (names; in this context) of more than 50000 records which i wanted to dump into SQL Server using SQLXMLBulkLoad. I use C# and here is how i implemented:

    // Initialize OLEDB Connection for SQLXML Bulk Load

    SQLXMLBulkLoad3Class bl = new SQLXMLBulkLoad3Class();

    bl.ConnectionString = ConUtil.GetBulkXMLConString();

    //bl.KeepIdentity = true;

    bl.BulkLoad =


    //bl.Transaction = true;

    bl.ErrorLogFile = "BulkImport.log";

    bl.ForceTableLock =


    // Execute For Names

    xmlSchema = ConfigUtil.GetProperty("NAMES_XML_SCHEMA");

    xmlFile = ConfigUtil.GetProperty("NAMES_XML_FILE");


    bl.Execute(xmlSchema, xmlFile);


    There was NO ERROR but NO ROWS got inserted into the database. there are no identity columns in the table. Connection and FilePaths are valid and tested. Any thoughts??? I do couple of bulk inserts using the same object. No Clue why it won't insert into database!?? Any help would be appreciated.

    -- Gopal


  • Yep,  that's what i got too.  The XML schema created from the ado.net dataset is not compatable with what SQLXMLBulkLoad expects.  Hard to believe that two things from microsoft would not be compatable.  A couple of things need to be yanked from the dataset schema to make it compatable.  (there was an example on some web site, i unfortunately don't have the link.) More of a pain than it was worth, I gave up and am now chaining out to bcp to dump and then reload.

  • Please check if there is any namespace being specified in the XML doc.



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