SQLServerCentral Hosts AdventureWorks on Azure

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  • Just tried connecting using Powerpivot. Most of the tables get you a 'invalid object name' error.

    There are only a few that are query-able through Powerpivot =(

  • That's interesting. Which are and which aren't?

  • pretty hard to tell since what Powerpivot does is that if it encounters just 1 that gives an error it gives you an error for the rest of the tables. In other words, it kills the rest of the process because it encountered that "critical" error.

    So far, I've been able to load these tables:




    but none of the actual AW database. The views are loading just fine tho like vSalesPerson.

    Could it be something with the access that the user has for those tables?



  • Interesting enough, that was done through the Powerpivot import tables wizard but...If instead of using the Wizard I create a simple query like:

    SELECT *


    Sales.SalesOrderDetail AS SalesOrderDetail

    Then it retrieves 121,317 rows of the table.

    Note that the actual Table Import Wizard should not have this type of issues with SQL Azure (according to MSFT).

  • Out of curiosity, is this database ever refreshed? I noticed that there are several schema/objects that aren't part of AdventureWorks.

  • We haven't refreshed it in a long time. I think we used whatever version of ADW was out at that time.

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