SQLServer CE 2.0 installations problem

  • Guys,

    I've installed SQLServer CE 2.0 on my development machine but I'm not able to start it neither to register in in my Enterprise Manager.

    What am I doing wrong?

    How can I import the .sdf database file?


  • Hi,

    I dont think you'd be able to register SQL Server CE2.0 in enterprise manager.

    After installing SQL Server CE, you have the capability to use the SQL Server CE components in your handheld applications...

    Coming to importing SDF File: I dont think you can directly import SDF file from handheld to desktop. You either have to use Replication or RDA methods to import data from handheld to the desktop.


  • Thanks for reply.

    In this case how can I do the development using my emulator.

    It must be feasible somehow because within embedded VB there is a condition "IsEmulator" which checks if the application is running on a handheld device or on the development machine.

    So my question formulated otherwise: How to develop and test SQL CE applications before putting it to the handheld?


  • hi,

    You can use the ADOCE Catalogue object and T-SQL statements to create the SQL CE database and tables in the emulator....this will create the SDF file in the emulator.

    Once you have the SDF file, you can do your testing in the emulator...

    Once happy with the testing, copy the SDF file from the emulator to the device ....

    If i remember correctly, there are some examples in the SQL CE2.0 documentation on how to use the SQL statements and some examples in the eVB documentation on how to use ADOCE Catalogue object .....





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