Sqlserver 2005 doesn't send mail when i used free version .

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    i am using SQl Server 2005 . i want to send a mail through sqlserver 2005 i used same code those you have to mention in a your website but after that i dont receive a mail in my email id.

    so what is the problem i dont understand ?

    i used your code after that i got a message mail queue then i run a select query then description error is activation failed.

    so tell me what i the problem.

    i used sql server 2005 is a free version so this is not a issue tell me .


    Richi Agarwal

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    mail functions are based on the service broker functionality, which is not included in the express versions of 2005/2008; you'll want to buy a developer version for under $50 dollars to be able to test your mail functions.

    what is included/not included in 2005 Express:



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