SQLPackage.exe - Lock request time out period exceeded

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    We are using SQLPackage.exe to publish our .sqlproj to production via Bamboo. On production there is a lot more contention in the database so certain operations take a bit longer to complete. It appears there is a default timeout value of 30 seconds when using SQLPackage.exe and when an operation takes longer than 30 seconds the operation fails with the following message:

    *** Could not deploy package.

    Warning SQL72030: If this deployment is executed, changes to [dbo].[TableA] might introduce run-time errors in [dbo].[TableA].[_dta_stat_1750297295_13_1].

    Error SQL72014: .Net SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 1222, Level 16, State 56, Line 1 Lock request time out period exceeded.

    When I use the /script option, generate the script, and run the script in the SSMS console the operation completes successfully (just takes a few minutes).

    Is there any way to configure the lock timeout for SQLPackage.exe? I only see timeout values for establishing connections to the source and destinations but not for the actual execution of the commands.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I found this while looking into the same issue.


    Derik Hammer

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