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    1)I used PWDencrypt and pwdcompare function in sql7.0 .but same is not working with sql2000 . compare always return false why ?

    2)I written a tool for warm server (standby ) . for this I used sqldmo backup and Restore objects . I did like this every day tool will take a full backup and after that differential backup at a given interval . and restore standby database in with standby mode(|Readonly) .it need a file called undo.dat. some time this file is giving error .cannot delete the file undo.dat . I checked the location of the file there was no file called undo.dat .actually file was not created at the time of last restore . how to solve this?

    3)To solve above problem I change restore mode to with recovery and with norecovery for fullbackup no problem .but for differential backup it is giving error “chain is not complete” how to identify a chain of backup is complete.


  • Lets start with #1. The functions should work - can you post the code you're using?



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