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    I have a sqlcmd script, it runs fine if I open the command line to run it.

    sqlcmd -S (local)  -d mydb -E -s, -W -i D:\_ssisfiles\scripts\ProductMap.sql | findstr /V /C:"-" /B  > D:\_SSISFiles\Scripts\xtest.csv

    But if I makes it to a sql agent job, the job failed and it got the following error:

    Sqlcmd: Error: Error occurred while opening or operating on file | (Reason: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect).  Process Exit Code 1.  The step failed.


    Anything I am missing?

    The sql agent service account has full control of the file directory.



  • ZZartin


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    Well login to the server with the service account and see if it can access D:\_SSISFiles\Scripts




  • Sue_H

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    Could be the underscore in the directory name - Try enclosing the paths in double quotes.


  • nigel.


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    It looks like it's obecting to the pipe symbol ( | ) in that command line.

    You may have to do it in more than 1 step ie. redirect the output from SQLCMD to a file then do the findstr on that file (perhaps?).

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    Along with the other suggestions, sometimes putting the logic in a .bat or .cmd and calling that file in the job step will help.

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