• Richard,

    Drama starts after appending!

    Now with automatic appending they will have to write another 100 lines of code to prompt for the timely cleanup, checking for the file size, drive space, implementing file roll over etc. Not even talking about the process that will consume the output data, how this process will determine what are the new data. Don't tell me about the log files, they are not normally created by BCP process.

    Regards,Yelena Varsha

  • I think i could not get the question correct, as BCP we can append data into table. but it overrites flat file.:):)



  • Dear Sir , your wrote: " I'd either use bcp to output to a temporary file and then concatenate the two together".

    Please tell me that how would this be implemented.

    I want that when i insert a record in a table in sql then a trigger is fired on the insert , which executes a stored procedure , the procedure appends the new record into a text file in my C drive.

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