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  • hello ,

    I use the SQLBackupAndFTP tool to transfer the backup from the local server to the S3 backut

    during the S3 connection phase, the tool asks me ACESS KEY, SECRET KEY

    Who can how I can get these items back

    Sans titre


  • Pretty sure you would get those from your S3 server settings (AWS if I remember right).

    Worst case, you should be able to generate new ones without any problems (if I remember right) as they are just used to access the S3 server, so if you generate new ones from the same S3 server (as long as you don't remove the old ones) you should have no issues.

  • Yes, Mr. Brian Gale is right.

    Also, you can check the following tutorial on how to set the connection https://sqlbackupandftp.com/blog/amazon-s3-access-policy-to-minimum-permission

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