SQLAGENT.OUT is blowing up

  • For some reasons, the size of the SQLAGENT.OUT file keeps growing and is reaching 240 GB.

    Does anyone know why and how to avoid it?

    Any input will be greatly appreciated in advance.

  • Have you gone thru the following suggestion from Tibor-

    It is an errorlog file for the SQL server Agent service. The fact that it is so big in size is worrying. You can stop Agent and find some editor which can read large files (there are editors out there that doesn't read the whole file into memory). Find out where all these errors come from. You can now delete the file and start agent. And now, fix the reason why you had all those entries in

    the log file.


  • Run


  • By right clicking on sql agent go on to it's properties and check whether have u clicked on EXECUTION TRACE MESSAGES . If yes plz unchecked that.

  • You can identify the file by going into Configuration manager, click on SQL Server agent, advanced tab and then you will see it under "Dump Directory".

    You may want to do the following.


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