SQL7 SP4 Released.

  • Just a heads up, SQL7 SP4 has been released and seems to test fine. The beta showed good results and I had no troubles installing on any of my test servers. Have not tried the final release so cannot comment on it yet. But here is how to get it

    You can download the bits from


    For the final fix list, see


    For the SP4 readme, see


    For the SP4 readme addendum, see


    This is a cumulative SP (contains 1,2,3 fixes in addition). Now revision errors were found but keep an eye out if you install and report if you find anything that was supposed to be fixed previously and is broke again.

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  • We just finished installing SP4 in our test and QA environments; so far our developers had not found any problems.  If anybody knows about any issue I will like to know before installing in our production environment, we use replication; DTS and Log Shipping in our production servers therefore cannot afford any last minute surprises


    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.






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