SQL6.5 on 8 processors

  • I'm trying to find any information about SQLSERVER 6.5 running on an Octoprocessor.

    It seems that the performance follow a linear evolution up to 4 processors, and do not increase anymore when the number of processors is higher.

    Actually, I'm planning a software and hardware evolution (from SQL6.5/NT4 on 4pro to SQL2000/W2000 on 8pro), and I'm not sure that the step SQL6.5/NT4 on 8pro will result in a performance improvement.

    Do anybody have experience or document about thid topic ?

  • Might be relevant to NT:

    Win 2000 Server supports a maximum of 4 processors.

    Win 2000 Advanced Server supports a maximum of 8 processors.

    Paul Ibison


    Paul Ibison

  • Thank you.

    Actually, I know NT4 is to be Enterprise Edition (in order to manage the 8 procs), and W2K will be Datacenter Edition (the final architecture will include a geographical Cluster...)

    I focused on the SQLSERVER perfs because our OS team is in charge of the other considerations.

    Again, thank you.


  • Not sure about SQL 6.5 Most likely you will want to move from SQL65/Nt directly to W2K/SS2K and run SS2K in 65 compatability mode. You should see some improvment from both the W2K and SS2K upgrades. However, as far as the CPU performance from 4 - 8, I'll defer to Andy as he has moved from 4 to 8 CPU boxes.

    Steve Jones


  • We changed a lot of things at once when we upgraded, but definitely we're seeing the benefit of 8 processors. From MS presentations I've seen, they expect to scale almost linearly up to 32 processors. Agree with Steve that staying with 6.5 won't get you much, 6.5 compatibility mode with Win2K/SQL2K is an excellent choice.


  • Finally, an agreement!!!!!!!

    Steve Jones


  • Thank you for the advice, but I'm afraid I can't afford to use SS2K: Lot of different clients that use the DB-Lib, or old MDAC, and I can't even think of validating them.

    I don't know the 65 compatibility mode of SS2K, and I'll investigate in this way, but again I'm pessimistic.

    You said you made some kind of "global upgrade" involving 4Pro->8pro and you see performance gain, but was it running SS6.5, or SS2K ?

    I'm definitely sure that I'll have a real gain with W2K/SS2K on the 8pro, but since I HAVE to make a step on NT4/SS6.5 ,the 8pro has'nt been purchased yet AND I may get a 4pro (quite) for free, I wonder if the perfs on the 4pro equals the ones reached with the 8pro only with SS6.5...

  • Thats the point of 6.5 compatibility mode, just about everything stays the same. If you've stuck to documented procs, I cant imagine it would take much time to test. We upgraded from SQL2k on a 4 way to SQL2K on an 8 way box.


  • OK.

    So I give up gathering informations about SS65 perfs, and I focus on SS65 designed clients connecting to SS2K.



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