SQL2008 Full Text Index with Amazon's S3 cloud data service

  • Hi,

    Firstly, I've already posted this on MSDN & got only 1 response...so hoping for more insight here.

    Just came out of a meeting where management have decided to move file storage (about 8TB) and growing from the SQL'08 database to Amazon's S3. The cost savings are significant, no doubt about that.

    Has anyone used cloud data-services before?

    Here's my dilemma: I need to store all documents in the S3 cloud, but, use SQL's full-text indexing feature. This is because of the power of iFTS & we've build a pretty smart search-subsystem already.

    Simple plan to implement this:

    >I have a table that stores documents, this table is Full Text Index enabled with CHANGE TRACKING = MANUAL

    >I populate this table & manually invoke index population

    >Once the FTI is generated, get rid of the document

    >Run a full-text search and it works (finds DocIds that contain my search term/s)

    >I noticed, I can certainly run "optimize" command on my FTI, but cannot run "rebuild" index command - this is fine, the "optimzation" can always be batched up

    Are there any gotchas in this model?


  • I don't know if my response will be really useful, but I want you to try CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 freeware. It is the best Windows client for S3 out there and it also has a built-in PowerShell interface.

    You can download it at http://cloudberrylab.com/

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