SQL v.Next Gets Native Python in SQL Server

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  • Excellent April Fool's Day post! I'm a tad annoyed with myself that I didn't initially see the "humor" tag on this article. 🙂

    I am curious as to what will features will be introduced in vNext. Thanks for the post, Steve! It did make for a nice break.

  • I fell for it.

  • Several years ago, microsoft announced SQL server on Linux and we all laughed. Python in SQL server? Azure Data Studio is (indeed) that close. So let's wait for the real next SQL version ..

    The best things in life are the simple things

  • Walked straight into it: Saw the headline on the email newsletter and clicked through right away to read more about this - wish it was true! Why couldn't it be true?

  • Hah! Fell for it too.

    Seriously though, I seem to recall Steve Jones doing an April Fool's joke about SQL Server on Linux a while back. And yet, to many people's great amazement, Microsoft came up with the goods about a year later. Maybe they were just tickled by Steve's sense of humour and thought: Hey, let's just do it!

    Whatever the exact reason, I hope it happens again. Maybe Steve is on a lucky streak.

  • Oh, I totally fell for it too.  Nice work Steve!

  • Normally, I read the headlines and click a few stories.  This one for some reason sucked me right in.  Good one Steve!

  • Nicely done, Steve.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker!  With where Microsoft has taken SQL Server, this makes complete sense.  I was jealous that you had access to an early, early access build, but, hey, you are Steve Jones and this is SQL Server Central.

  • Glad you enjoyed it. Coming up with something plausible is a fun challenge each year.

    SQL Server on Linux (2005) - https://www.sqlservercentral.com/articles/sql-server-on-linux

    I would hope we'd see native Python someday, but not sure that will ever be a priority. Maybe we'll get better tooling, however, that let's you just write the code easily and submit it.

  • Don't know enough Python to see through it- nicely done!

  • Microsoft saw this.    Guess what they're discussing now 🙂

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