SQL Tool that integrates into Notepad++

  • I found a tool a year or so ago that integrated with Notepad++ and allowed the user to run queries against a sql database. Result sets are returned directly in a Notepadd++ window.

    I thought it was great but couldn't justify using it then. I now can - but can't remember what it is.

    Can anyone help?


  • Not sure about this one. The only SQL-oriented plugin I've found is the Poor Man's TSQL formatter. Perhaps the plugin has been deprecated? In Notepad++, try Plugins>Plugin Manager>Show Plugins.

    Please let us know what you find. After reading your post, I'm interested in this too.

  • Maybe this way[/url]? Not sure if it still works in the latest Notepad++ and I don't have an instance I can check it against at the moment.

  • Nope - thats not what I found. It is a commercial product offered as an alternative to SLQ Management Studio and has the ability to use Notepad++ as its front-end/IDE.

    The reason I didn't pursue it at the time is that it costs. Now I want it again!

    Thanks for trying anyway.

  • Hello,

    I think you mean the following tool:

    Hope this helps.



  • That looks more like an IntelliSense type product that happens to work with several editors including Notepad++. Not sure if that's what the OP had in mind or not. Sound like he was thinking of a commercial product.

  • I like Notepad++ very much, but I can't figure out why would you be interested in buying a software to run queries in it instead of doing it in SSMS.

    I'm sorry that I can't help you, but I'm interested on your reasons. 🙂

    Luis C.
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  • Thomas

    That's the one. I think it's just superb. SSMS is not my favorite software and because I work for a variety of clients (often using hardware they've provided for network security reasons) I need something that allows me to generate sql code and test it out against a dev server before running it in live.

    Thanks for the info. and to everyone else who tried.


  • thomas.oftring (8/13/2012)


    I think you mean the following tool:

    Hope this helps.



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