SQL Tamagotchi! Mini-Servers as Database Pets

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    Phil Factor

  • I do this with containers for POC or other projects where I can't get server space, but need to facilitate the requests coming in. More often than not, my POC doesn't make it to production, but inspires development to stay the course and not branch out. Same for infrastructure and systems. The flexibility provided by containers to rapidly build and destroy has become invaluable for supporting the multiple versions and build levels that our customers have out there. I only keep these mini-servers around for the task at hand. To me they are more like Meeseeks than Tamagotchi.

  • Computer professionals are unlike other professions. The rules as constantly changing.

    A Structural engineer knows the rules of Physics and works accordingly. Yes, they need to be aware of new products and materials; but the rules never change.

    As Computer professionals we must keep learning. We also need to do “Stupid Stuff” just to see if it works. Why? So, we can expand our knowledge and change the rules.

    Think out of the box, but have fun doing it, if it is not fun, it may be a bad idea; or tell someone else about it and they might find it fun to pursue.

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