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  • Fine and neat script, but I have a question.

    Did you put this an all 100+ SQL servers?

  • Excellent script. However, I don't understand the reason for the test in:


    I understand that the ComputerNamePhysicalNetBIOS property did not exist prior tp SQL 2000 but your test would return a 1 for SQL 2008.

    I assumed your code was for SQL 2005 or higher since you query sys.databases and use sp_send_dbmail.

    Thanks again for a very usefull script.


  • Yes I did. With so many servers it became a requirement on all new server builds. It was a small part of a SQL monitoring system.

    It was setup so that a group of user DBA's would get a text message whenever a server restarted, and each server could be configured to send emails/text alerts to different users depending on who the business owner was.

  • Thanks for the script.

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