SQL Services will not start... (SQL Server 2000 SP4)

  • I have a SQL 2000 with RAID 1, last day an error happened with the second mirror, after restart it, this occurs in Event Log:

    - 18052

    error 823, severity 24, state 2

    error 3313, severity 21, state 2

    - 17052

    Cannot recover the master database exiting...

    And when i wish to connect to my server this message appears:

    A connection could not be established to myserver

    Reason: SQL Server does not exist or access denied

    Thanks for your help.

    PD: I read this by Perry Whittle in

    SQL Server 2005 » Administering » Master database corruption:

    "not sure about that but what i just did was corrupt my master completely so sql wouldnt start. I had another instance running on the same box so i stopped the service for that instance and copied the master.mdf and masterlog.ldf over to the corrupt instance and the service with the corrupt master db then starts. I'll test out the other scenario now and get back shortly."

    I have other instance in WinXP. I'm not working now, but monday i'll try this.

  • Do you have backup for you master database?

    I would rebuild the database and restore it from backup to get in operations. Copying master database from another instance is not best option.




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