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    I have a sql server that was set up by someone else to run on a local/system account. I am changing that to run on a domain account. Both sql server and agent will use the same account. What I want to know is, what security should this account have on the domain(ie, should it be a member of the local admin group on the actual server) and what sql security should it have(should it have any type of sql server role, like sysadmin).

    I've read a few articles and now I'm confused.. 


  • If you are writing your backups to network drive then make sure the domain account has the rihgts...

    Domain account should be local admin on the server where the sql is running...


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  • The backups are currently written to the server itself and then another type of backup software copies those backups.

    So there is no sql security that this account needs to have?


  • I don't see anything except one thing...

    If you want to use SQL mail on this server domain account should have sufficient rights to connect to exchange...


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  • http://support.microsoft.com/kb/283811

    The account needs to be sysadmin in the SQL instance, but you do not want to add it to the local administrators group on the server.

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