SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices Part 1

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    Greg Robidoux
    Edgewood Solutions

  • Thanks for the excellent article. One thing I do miss, as with other upgrade resoruces/articles I have read so far, is that the upgrade is entirely focused on the server upgrade. There is not much mentioned about the client upgrade process.

    BR /Minh

  • In most cases there are only two things to worry about. If you've changed the server name, you have to either recompile all your apps, change all the DSN/UDL's being used, or put an alias in DNS (by far the easiest). Other than that, if you're now using a named instance you may need to upgrade the MDAC on the clients. Other than that, clients should run exactly as before.



  • Mhoac and Andy - Thank you both for the valuable feedback. Since this is a series of upgrade articles, I will include the client portion of the upgrade in a future article. Stay tuned!

  • I love the article, straight forward, etc. I've read a few upgrade articles recently because a client is upgrading from SQL 7 to SQL 2000. I've been running their database on my local server to see if there are any issues in the upgrade, and found exactly 1 (so far). It involves differeneces in SQL. They are using a lot of statements such as this:

    convert(money(2), somevalue)

    This throws an error in SQL 2000 because, well convert changed from 7 to 2k. The statement works fine on 2000 this way:

    convert(money, somevalue)

    So far I've had a hard time find information on similar problems in upgrading from 7 to 2000. If I were doing a 6.5 upgrade I would have that handy tool microsoft issues which helps find some of these kinds of problems. Too bad it doesn't work with 7.0 databases.

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