SQL Server System Report

  • Alright.. 🙁

    Thanks anyways, the sql2005 report is great.

  • Great script - Thank you very much!

    Couple of suggestions:

    1. In List Backup Set Details it seems to be reporting databases that were deleted as well as those that are currently off line. It would be nice to have ability to filter those off.

    2. In the Unused Indexes it would be nice to have Schema name along with Table name.

    Thank you,


    --Vadim R.

  • Great suggestions. For point 1 I noticed this as well but still wanted to see them for my purposes (plus they fall off the list as we do cleanups of the history tables). For point 2, there is the schema name in the drop index statement. For both points, I have added them in my "to do" list for the next release. Thanks!

  • I'm having the same issue... did you get a response to this?

  • Thank you, your script is much appreciate.

  • Sean, I have in my environment a partitioning database tables, and I have several file .ndf and I wonder if you can add the script to leave the file name to find out how much space is occupied each .ndf files

    I'm speaking on the part of "Database Recovery Model / Compatibility / Size (Detailed) / Growth Stats"

    I send you a sample in a jpg files.

    Thanks a Million for this SUPER-SCRIPT!!!

  • Try adding one of these (think it should do the trick):

    MF.name AS logical_database_name


    REPLACE (RIGHT (MF.physical_name, CHARINDEX ('\', REVERSE (MF.physical_name))),'\','') AS os_file_name

    Rememeber: You will need to update the @vXML_String and @vBody portions of the code as well. Let me know if it works.

  • I tried but I could not show me the error when remplace

    DB_NAME (MF.database_id) AS database_name per DB_NAME (MF.name) AS database_name

    can you help me on this it?

  • Try this:

    The line of the code which says:

    DB_NAME (MF.database_id) AS database_name

    Replace it with:

    MF.name AS database_name

    If that doesn't work, then try replacing it with:

    REPLACE (RIGHT (MF.physical_name, CHARINDEX ('\', REVERSE (MF.physical_name))),'\','') AS database_name

  • Sean, I had no error but that is not what I need, I really like to have in the report on behalf of all Filegroups belonging to that database, so I know how much of GB is that they have each of these filesgroup.

  • Unfortunately I don't work in an environment that uses partitions so I have nothing to test against. Not sure if I can help you any further. 🙁

  • Ok no problem, thanks!

    I will do anything I do and let you know.

  • Hello and Thank you.. I was able to place the script on one my servers with no issues. But I get the following error on another:

    Msg 234, Level 16, State 2, Procedure usp_SQL_Server_System_Report, Line 122

    There is insufficient result space to convert a money value to varchar.

    Can you help me correct this issue?

    suggestion\request: Would it be possible to flag free space where there is less than 10% free of total disk space?

    i.e. Drive E:\ size is 100 GB , total used space is 91 GB. thus the report would flag it and add red text to this line item.

    Thank you for your time.


  • You should see some areas of code that look similar to the following (partial code example below):


    You should be able to get around the error by increasing the VARCHAR size (try different values if needed and make sure to change all the sections of code):


    I will also add your suggestion to my "to do" list. It's a good one. 🙂

    Let me know what happens or if you need more help.

  • Would it be reasonable to add server security level info and database security to this report?

    I could use the visual of this in the report. Would you mind doing this? What do you think?

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