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  • I'm migrating databases to another server and concerned about statistics. Once a week I run update statistics with full scan. Problem is, this step runs for over a day and I don't want this spilling over when users are utilizing the database. I'm going to do this migration on a Saturday so, the update statistic job won't start until late Saturday afternoon. I have seen some blogs about copying statistics from the source server. any suggestions?

  • Statistics will follow you database because it's db backup file, unless you migrate data using BCP or ETL tools.

    Also, if you have execution timings per table , you can use flexible approach and run update stats for main hot tables first.

    Moreover, perhaps you don't need full scan at all  or needed it only for certain tables.

    Do you do full scan for indexed columns, only for the rest columns or for all columns?


    Copying stats separately is mainly for test environments, when you have no space for full blown production db.

    Optimizer will think that you tables are full of data and it will help to test execution plans.

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