SQL Server Shortcut to take Table Backup

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  • That SP is very open to SQL Injection. I would strongly suggest making changes to lower the exposure.


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  • This isn't working for me. You state: "...if the system stored procedure is added on shortcut key "CTRL+3",we can take the table backup by selecting any tables and by pressing "CTRL+3" option."

    Select any table how? Pressing CTRL+3 emits the query text in the query edit window but the table selected in the object explorer pane is ignored so that pressing CTRL+3 gives the following results:

           Msg 201, Level 16, State 4, Procedure sp_TableBackup, Line 0
          Procedure or function 'sp_TableBackup' expects parameter '@tblname', which was not supplied.

    So please explain, step-by-step, exactly how to "selecting any tables" (sic) so that pressing CTRL+3 executes the stored procedure with the selected table name passed in as the parameter.

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