SQL Server Security: Dealing with Anti-Virus Programs

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    K. Brian Kelley

  • Good article Brian!

    One thing I would like to add.  Backing up SQL Server databases using a perl script (or any other type of OS scripting language script) is a very good idea.  It allows you to very easily enforce backup and restore standards and methodologies.

    Although you could conceivably perform all the operations you need to do using T-SQL and xp_cmdshell, I find Perl gives greater flexibility and ease of maintenance.

    If you are performing your backups uniformly using an OS shell script, it is very easy to configure security and virus scanning for the file system for all of the SQL Servers you may be managing.

  • An excellent article that meets its stated goal.  The explanations are well stated and allow for other points of view and discussion.

    I especially appreciate the pointers to the knowledge base articles, and other web sites. that allow me to further research and convince others of the risks and benefits.  In other articles, especially other web sites, these links are often times missing, which may leave unanswered questions.


  • Your article was very clear and concise.  I have Symantec AV client running on my SQL Servers, and the reason I excluded the database files was the possibility that the AV software might quarantine one of them!  I had that problem initially with Exchange log files on another server until I sorted it out.

    Thanks for the article.

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