SQL Server schedule jobs running twice at the same time

  • I am facing a problem in the backup jobs. My backup jobs are running twice at the same time.So the job get succedded once and fails for the other. I have restarted the server also. But the problem does not get rectified.

  • Can you right-click and generate the script for the job for us to check?

    Otherwise I'd remove the schedule, re-add it back to see if it still happens

    It could a be a RETRY? First failed, retry, and succeeded

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  • They shouldn't be allowed to run the same job at the same time. They weren't re-entrant in 2000 AFAIK. Are you sure there aren't two jobs doing the same thing?

  • No same job can run concurrently in any version. When a job is running and not completed you cannot run it again in between period unless it gets completed.

    Check correctly. It should be a different job with a so - so similar name and you getting confused as the same job.

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  • are you sure there are not two schedules specified within the job?


  • There was conflict in the sysjobs and sysjobschedule. In the sysjobschedule there was different time and in the sysjobs different time. So i deleted the schedule of the job running twice and recreated the new schedule. Now it is working fine. Thanks for the reply.

  • thanks for the feedback


  • script the job, delete it and recreate the job. It looks like the sql server is not in sp4. Try updating the server to sp4

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