SQL Server Row-Level Security: A Comparison with Gallium Data

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  • Interesting, but what are the advantages of row based security versus simply creating views with filtering and restricting access to these using role based or domain group GRANT SELECT permission?

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  • Hi Eric,

    I think the arguments for SQL Server's row-level security are:

    1. it allows you to control access to your data without changing your schema
    2. it is specifically for access control, and can be managed separately from the schema
    3. it can cover inserts, updates and deletes, which can be difficult or impossible with views

    However, I find SQL Server's approach somewhat inflexible, and I think Gallium Data can add value in some scenarios -- hence this article.

    I think of Gallium Data as a middle ground between databases and applications. If you can solve your problem from either end, then that's probably the best approach, but if you can't, Gallium Data may be a life saver.

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