SQL server restoration with limited user rights

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    In my production server we are using sql server 2005 standard edition. My requirements is sql server databases restoration with limited user rights.This user only can able to restore the full and TL backups.I am already having solution for backup of particular database.

    In my condition is restoration user should not access the database. Any good third party open source tools also please suggest me.

  • Lowell

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    you can create a SQL job or a stored procedure with Execute As Owner.

    the SQL job or procedure would contain the restore command in it,and you grant the limited end user EXECUTE ON MyRestoreProc, or on a different proc which starts the job via sp_start_job;

    so the end user does not have db_owner or sysadmin rights, for example, but can restore due to the proc.

    the procedure most likely has to exist in another database(ie master) so that it can disconnect users and restore the target database.


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