SQL Server Replication

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  • Ed Wagner

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    Thanks for a question that's outside my comfort zone.

  • PHYData DBA


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    Great question.

    Not sure why so many people selected distribution agent and not log reader.

  • Rob Schripsema


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    Replication often feels like a mysterious, black-magic operation that is too intimidating to understand. Your question highlights the fact that it is really just a bunch of tasks (agents) and transient data tables doing normal SQL stuff. The beauty is that they all dance together, usually in step with each other, but still just putting one foot in front of the other. It only LOOKS complicated; once you understand the functions of the various agents, not so complicated.

    Good question.

    Rob Schripsema
    Propack, Inc.

  • Revenant


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    Very nice. Thanks, Vyas!

  • TomThomson

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    Nice straightforward question.

    For something over 6 years transactional replication (on sql 2000) was a critical component of disaster recovery for systems scattered around the world that I was responsible for. So I found this one easy, even now 6 years after I ceased to be involved with that (although I have looked to see any changes to transactional replication in new SQL Server releases). But questions about other sorts of replication than transactional would have me scrabbling for the documentation - merge replication seems to me like black magic.


  • akljfhnlaflkj

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    Thanks for the question Vyas.

  • Koen Verbeeck

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    Nice question, thanks.

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    Refreshed replication knowledge

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