SQL Server on Linux

  • I can't believe I fell for it.   Now I just wish it were true.  I'm glad I read to the bottom before forwarding it on.


  • Swine. You got me. I guess the coffee hasn't kicked in! Maybe it's because we all WANT to believe.



  • Yea, I did the same blasted thing. Now I've got pie on my face.

    Thanks alot, Steve!!!!

  • And I thought no one would fooled. I actually wrote 3 different ones and Andy and Brian liked this one the best, so thank them. You could have been reading about service pack 5 instead

    I've actually talked to the Dev team at PASS and other events about this and their eyes glaze over. They either are really working on it, or they have been brainwashed to not even give it a second thought.

  • Was getting ready to start to spec out a Linux server......

    Then all hopes were dashed. Thanks for slapping me in the face w/reality.....

  • Hey, Steve:

        Was saying, sheesh, MS finally went to the dark side.

         No laughing matter at Redmund though, heard a few product engineers got fired for not letting their managers in on the latest News, having heard third hand from SQLServerCentral.com


    [font="Courier New"]ZenDada[/font]

  • You got me but good. :-p I was thinking, no way, no way. This is incredible. Wait until my boss hears about this one.

    I don't think I would have fallen for it if you weren't such a reliable source.

    The great news is that I sent it to my boss, in retaliation for the joke he got us with this morning. It'll be the perfect gotcha for him. Thanks! 🙂

    Steve Miller

  • Excellent job and I agree well written.  I, too, thought I would be careful not to get 'got'.


    Great job Steve.


  • You didn't get me, but I still enjoyed it.  That's the third 4/1 that I've seen today, wikipedia.org has a good one that I won't spoil, but my fav was when I pulled up my Where's George stats today and got the following:

    'Your Bills' Summary Statistics

    You have entered MMXXXII Bills worth $MQDCXL

    Bills with hits: CXLVI   Total hits: CLXV

    Hit rate: 7.19%   Slugging Percentage: 8.12% (total hits/total bills)

    George Score: 787.18

    Your rank (based on George Score) is #MMMCLII

    (out of °XM°VXXVI current users with a George Score. [77.5 Percentile])

    Your State Rank in Arizona is: LXI out of MCDLIX [95.8]

    And yes, as far as I know, they're on MySQL.

    [font="Arial"]Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves or we know where we can find information upon it. --Samuel Johnson[/font]

  • Good stuff...good stuff.  I posted the article to slashdot...it's their type of humour.  They've got a bunch of funny crap today:

    Davidlost writes "A PC-to-human virus, known as Malwarlaria.B is spreading in humans after a mass spamming in the early hours of Friday morning. It spreads through contact with keyboards on infected PCs. Be afraid, be very afraid."


    atrader42 writes "Google has announced on its main page a mysterious new product called "Google Gulp". Featuring qualities such as "autodrink" and brain optimization, Google Gulp promises to be the drink of the future. Although one may be concerned about the fine print, which includes provisions such as "Google Gulp will send packets of data related to your usage of this product from a wireless transmitter," we should be able to trust them on this. What's next? Yahoo Yoohoo? MSN Munchies?"

    Signature is NULL

  • Okay, time for some probably-false conjecture...

    In SQL Server 2005, MS has written something called SQLOS, which acts as a virtual operating system layer:


    I'm not too knowledgeable about the internals of this thing, but it seems as though it encapsulates all of the OS functions -- memory management, disk access, etc.

    Anyone else think this sounds like the perfect vehicle for taking SQL Server cross-platform? Encapsulate everything, then you only need to change that one piece...

    So maybe this isn't too far off after all!

    Adam Machanic

  • Darnit , I hate that. My 11 year old got me too !!

  • Well, we got the boss. "Looks like they got me (should have looked further)." My, that was fun.

    What I didn't know is that he was first saw http://www.sswug.org/columnists/editorial.asp?id=623, which was then posted on /. So Steve's article reinforced it. He was completely snookered, and took at least half an hour looking for any press release at all that SQL Server was going on Linux.

    Steve Miller

  • LOL, I was definately taken in by this article last year.  In fact I don't recall realizing it was a joke until today when I scrolled to the bottom.  That's is my habit with old articles to quickly refresh my memory as to what the article was.

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