Sql Server on Linux?

  • Is it possible to run SQL server on Linux? I've heard rumors of such a product but nothing definite. Any help would be appreciated.? Thanks

  • There are ways to get Windows apps/services to run on Linux, but you're almost certainly better off using one of the RDBMSs that's designed for Linux/Unix. Like MySQL or Oracle, which have *nix versions.

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  • Yip definatly no way to run MS SQL on Linux. MYSQL is the way to go then.

  • And Moreover its Microsoft sales strategy not to designed any product which can run any operating system other than Windows.

    They want to promote windows in the race of operating systems.

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  • I think the question is slightly more interesting than you think, although the answer is probably still "not possible"!

    If you are interested in running a fast database, then you want something that runs "natively"; this excludes all kinds of emulation, conversion, virtualisation, etc. The answer here is to use an RDBMS which is designed to run on Linux. So that means no Microsoft SQL Server.

    The WINE project attempts to run Windows applications on Linux. There have been attempts to run MSDE and SQL Server Express:


    although not with much success. There are other similar projects running.

    Don't forget you have the virtualisation option, where you use VMware, Xen, etc on Linux, and run a virtualised Windows OS. This is not exactly running MSSQL on Linux, but it is close and probably the simplest option.


  • Sometimes you see announcements on April 1 that SQL Server can run on Linux.

    Some people believe them, but so far nobody has got SQL Server working on Linux, but that may just be a bug in the installer 🙂

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  • No. SQL Server is only for Windows OS

  • Just in case anyone ends up at this tread, SQL Server now runs on Linux, with the 2017 release.
    You can read about it here::  Open but Not Equal: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 vNext for Linux (Redmond Magazine, March 2017)

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  • Yep, we have SQL Server on Linux now: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/sql-server/sql-server-2017

    Not everything is ported yet, and some things might never be ported, but most of the database engine details exist on Linux.

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