SQL Server Mount Points

  • Leaning away from the direction this thread has gone, I just want to say that I use mount points on some of the clusters I have running at a client.


    ...However, I really wish that for at least the Server based operating systems Microsoft would stop using letters to assign disks and use numbers, a little like how the disks are registered within cluster storage.

    Then the basis for mount points would be moot.

    I will also mention that it annoys me that A and B are reserved drive letters for a hardware platform that is virtually non existent and at least give us the option to use those letters. (Any one got around this one?)


  • Hmm... I'm getting the "There is not enough space on the disk" error again. The resolution to my previous "not enough space" was to create a folder within the mount point which I did yet I'm still getting this error today. I have allocated 900 GB for a 550 GB backup so there is more than enough space. Any ideas?

  • Blah... For some reason, my mount point didn't take. Instead, there was a file folder that was created.

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