SQL Server Migration Workbenches

  • WHy doesnt MS provide a migration workbench to convert other database systems to a SQL Implementation ? the way Oracle does ? there was just one article long time ago on migrating from oracle to sql server , but it was just full of indicators on what manual code changes needed to be done and a small sample application that showed some conversions.... a full fledged kit would be great dont u think ? does anyone know of one?



    Santosh Benjamin

    Santosh Benjamin

  • The SQL2K resource kit has chapters on converting from Access, Sybase, and Oracle to SQL. I wouldnt say that writing such a tool couldnt be done, but porting apps is rarely a straight line process. I cant blame them for not wanting to write the worlds biggest wizard to convert Oracle code AND optimize it for SQL simultaneously.

    Of course, I dont know really KNOW why they don't!


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