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  • Anyone experienced this before...

    Windows 2008 Cluster on SQL 2005 SP3 cluster domain abc

    Windows 2008 Cluster on SQL 2005 SP3 cluster domain xyz

    Two way trust exists between the 2 domains.

    Adding user xyz\user to sql server on domain abc and getting the following error

    Msg 15401, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    Windows NT user or group 'xyz\user1' not found. Check the name again.

    The windows firewall is disabled on the clusters. DB collation is CI

    I tried adding the same account to SQL Sp3 on a Windows 2003 (stand-alone) server in the abc domain and it worked.

  • What is the OS on the active directory ?

    Can you add the login vice versa to what you are trying to do ? May be the trust is just 1-way.

    This looks like a trust issue to me and not something related Cluster. I may be wrong.

    I was looking at the following links to find answer, may be it will be of some help to you.

    Do post the solution if you have already found one.




  • If the XYZ/User1 user account is an Service Account, then SQL Server 2005 cannot detect and you cannot give access to SQL Server to this domain user Account.

    In SQL Server 2000 yes it is possible to give access to a Service Account to sql server.

    ~ IM.

  • The OS is Windows 2008 and I'm able to add an account from abc domain in to the xyz domain. I'm also suspecting that this is a AD error, however the AD admin says he has 2-way trust setup correctly. Is there another way to test this?

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