SQL server lock wait issue, restart of server

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    Hello all,

    Newbie so please bare with me.

    So there's a sql server 2000 which caused some issues yesterday.

    There was a spike of lock wait in the front end by what I believe was caused by a user presumably running a report.

    The only problem is the server went ballistic and there was an insufficient memory available notification that came through, in order to quickly resolve this I had to restart the whole SQL server service.

    Now my question is where can I find what query caused the lock wait since I'm not familiar with sql 2000, I tried to use foglight but it didn't give me no actual information because it doesn't seem to fully support SQL 2000, and in the window event viewer the only logs I get are the "insufficient memory available".

    Since I had to restart the server, is there a specific table where I may find this information?

    Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.

    Let me know if I've been clear enough

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    I won't rant about the age of the SQL server and the end-of-support of it many-many years ago :w00t:. I expect you are aware of it and are just forced to bear with it. 😎

    Unfortunate, without auditing or activity logging in place there is no way to detect what has happened in the past. If you suspect this thing to happen again, you can set up such activity logging (like capture SP_WHO2 every minute) but you need to consider if it is worth the effort.

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