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  • hey guys,

    This is my dilemma. We have SQL server 7.0 running on windows NT 4.0. Recently we have built an intranet app that will go live on Jan 1st. There are about 30 users for this app. Also beginning of next year we will have our ecommerce website on the internet. What i would like to find out is, what is the type of licensing that i should go for from Microsoft, if i have to reduce cost in buying client licenses. Please help me out on this!

    - satish

  • If you have users that are not authenticated, ie, accessing through a web server, you have to use Per Processer licensing. If your users are employees and authenticated, then you need a CAL.

    Steve Jones


  • Thanks Steve for your prompt response,

  • Steve, didnt they have the internet connector license with SQL7?


  • Not anymore. I think they prefer if you use the per processor license for the current and the future.

  • If you use the per-processor-license then you do not need the CAL's. Also, if it is an internet SQL server you need to use per processor. The per-processor takes care on known and unknown users in that licensing scheme. With the other scheme you license the server and then license the clients (cal's).


  • This applies both 7 and 2000, or 2000 only?


  • To both. It seems if you have SQL 7.0 already running on your server, you can buy an upgrade license for SQL 2000 based on per processor plan and still continue using your 7.0 database.

  • The Internet Connector was renamed for 2000 to be consistent with IIS, SMS, etc.

    Steve Jones


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