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  • I'm new to the SSA and I'm trying to track down why a job is "supposedly" not running. It looks like the table it affects is being updated, but when I look at the history, it shows the job hasn't run in several days. The person that originally built these things is no longer with the company and since I can spell my own name mostly correctly, I'm elected to track it down.

    One thing I've noticed right off the bat with the job that failed, is on the icon for the list of jobs, the one that failed has a little RED ARROW in the lower right hand corner of the icon, and it's pointing down. I also note that it was modified that last day it ran...

    Any ideas anyone?



  • The little red arrow indicates that the job has been disabled. You can right-click on the job in SSMS and you should see the option to ENABLE the job.

  • D'OH! I just noticed that Disable is greyed out and Enable is "clickable".... I should have seen that.....

    Thanks Dude!


  • Now I know for next time.

    Thanks for pointing out this setting.

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