sql server installation in azure VM

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    for an sql installation in an AZURE VM machine the installation is done through the Azure portal or through the SQL server installation media

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  • It depends, you can do it either way, depends how much control over the installation you require and how you are licensing the server.

    If your bringing your own license as you have valid Software Assurance and Azure Hybrid rights then you can spin up a server and install via the media or do it in the portal.

    If you want to rent the licenses from MS as part of the overall VM cost then you need to do it via the portal so it can assign the right costs.

  • ustomers who prefer not to purchase and management a SQL Server Standard installation can purchase SQL Server on a Virtual Machine (VM) through Microsoft Azure. Azure provides ready-to-go SQL Server on a variety of Windows VM images that can connect securely to your on-site Veriato Server.




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